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Torso & Tree

ARTIST Kanchan Chander
TITLE Torso & Tree
SIZE 14.6″ X 10.6″
MEDIUM Mixed Medium
YEAR 2022
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Kanchan Chander uses her feminist sensibilities which arise from a personal space of thought as she introduces her piece, ‘Torso and Tree’. The female torso has been her interest for the past 3 decades or so. She juxtaposed this very torso, which seems to be her own, against a foliage of trees which were a part of her daily routine during her morning walks in the park. This ‘self’ which walks in the park and is free to express her relationship with nature is what comes through in ‘Torso and Tree’. Chander believes that the female torso holds a lot of power and beauty for what it represents universally and thus it has become an element of close introspection for her.

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