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About Us

Standing at the juncture of art and sustainability, Desee Art is an artist-first community of creators that believes that art has the potential to engage, evoke thoughts, and affect change in our perspectives and everyday way of life.

Sustainable living has been a traditional value exercised from ancient times in our country where nature and humans grew in an enriching symbiosis with each other throughout the cycle of life. Desee Art helps develop valuable & immersive experiences through curated displays, workshops, and art activities that encourage a sustainable way of life.

With its roster of contemporary early to mid-career Indian artists, renowned creators, and indigenous folk artists, Desee Art discovers and nurtures talent to realize impactful art projects.

In its effort to ensure authenticity and originality, Desee Art collaborates with globally renowned curators and experts who create unique experiences and are knowledgeable to help you navigate the art ecosystem and make an informed choice.

As a step towards sustainability, Desee Art is developing a 3D virtual art gallery, wherein tangible artworks from artists can be experienced digitally, right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. The virtual gallery space will provide real-time interaction and participation of the viewers at the same time while experiencing curated art experiences.

We curate Contemporary and Indigenous art practices and work as a digital partner with artists, galleries, and communities. With our advisory section, we help collectors to find the right choice of art and aspire to an enriching community of art lovers while managing artists, curating diverse content, and providing sustainable art solutions.

Our Team

Pulkit Somani
( Founder )

Debdutta Banerjee
( Art Curator )

Nitish Arora
( City Head )

Jaya Baheti
( Social Activist / Curator / Artist )

Georgina Maddox
( Curatorial Advisor )