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About Us

Desee Art is an Indian brand that is proud of its local art & culture and its purpose is to create a content-driven global community of Indian art lovers. Here, art lovers can discover, debate, and discuss Indian artists and their art.
Desee Art curates indigenous and contemporary Indian art. We work as a digital partner of the Indian art fraternity contributing to the growth of artists, galleries, and communities toward a sustainable future. 
While Indian artists have emerged as global names, we feel there’s much scope for them to become the leading figures of the global art ecosystem. Our goal as a community is to establish one or more Indian artists, who act as an anchor for a new era of Indian art.
Other than our curated programs and exhibitions, our social media channels attempt to bring select art activities, exhibitions, and fairs to you through well-informed content. Contact us if you’re looking for an eco-art collection or indigenous art and need assistance with digital art solutions. We are geared up for our upcoming endeavors and look forward to both virtual as well as in-person communities.
We curate Contemporary and Indigenous art practices and work as a digital partner with artists, galleries, and communities. With our advisory section, we help collectors to find the right choice of art and aspire to an enriching community of art lovers while managing artists, curating diverse content, and providing sustainable art solutions.

Our Team

Pulkit Somani
( Founder )

Debdutta Banerjee
( Art Curator )

Sushriti Banerjee
( Art Advisor )

Jaya Baheti
( Social Activist / Curator / Artist )

Georgina Maddox
( Curatorial Advisor )