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Art Advisory


In our art advisory, we forge a union of passion and heritage, guiding you to curate a collection that mirrors your essence with India’s illustrious artists.Do you have a master’s artwork that you have lived with for the past couple of years or decades but would want to pass on the baton now? Reach out to us. Whether it’s time to bequeath a cherished masterpiece or infuse your space with new artistic narratives, our mission is to orchestrate a worthy transition that honors both art and aspiration.

Desee Art Advisory FAQs 

Why is art valued so high?


Art in the Indian market is highly valued due to its cultural, historical, and emotional significance. It’s a reflection of India’s rich heritage, offering diverse narratives that make each piece unique. Besides the aesthetic appeal, art’s rarity and the artist’s skill contribute to its appreciation over time. In India, the rising interest in contemporary and modern art further enhances its value, making it a cherished cultural treasure and a viable financial investment.

What is the minimum amount with which one can invest in art?


In the Indian art market, one can begin investing with as little as INR 10,000 to 20,000. This range is suitable for acquiring small works or prints by emerging artists. It’s a flexible entry point, allowing new investors to explore the market. The key to successful art investment is choosing pieces that have personal resonance and potential for value appreciation.

For how long should one stay invested in art?


Art investment in India is a long-term endeavor. Ideally, art should be held for at least 5-10 years to realize its full potential. The art market is subject to fluctuations based on trends, artist reputation, and market dynamics. A longer investment period allows for these factors to stabilize, ensuring the art is appreciated both culturally and financially. Patience is essential in the Indian art market.