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Art Advisory

Do some wonder what art is? Some wonder why it is required? Some believe it’s a fraud, they don’t believe in dreams either. We do believe in dreams, hard work and possibilities of achieving those dreams. Our ideas are bliss to us and we exchange them while keeping a high regard for values. 

We are the living and evolving products of our culture that defines us more than our linear education, designation, or net worth. Artists are custodians and creators of the culture. They help us to create the future and, at times, they are ahead of their times.

It is important to appreciate, preserve and patronize art. We work together with you to know who you are, what defines you, and what you like and dislike. Based on this, we help you to build your collection portfolio of Indian artists.

We would be glad to know each collector’s individual approach and needs and support them accordingly to shape their works and find opportunities for them. Desee Art aspires to connect with visionary emerging collectors and help them acquire meaningful, valuable works which stand the test of time.

In this collective journey, we strive to exchange valuable experiences and enrich the community with art and empathy toward a sustainable prospective future. 

Allow us to know you.