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Banaras Ghat


Banaras Ghat, 2017
Oil On Canvas
Signed: Bottom right corner

Gather all you people,
Gather the devotees.
Join us in offering,
Our prayers and supplication.
A storm may come,
And winds may blow,
But our devotion,
Knows no commotion.
Gloom or gleam, night or day,
We are here to bow and pray.
The almighty will answer today,
Come, come and pray.
Bow down to the holy Ganga,
Bow down to Shiv.
Gather all the people here,
Gather all who believe!

The painting emanates the aesthetic beauty of Banaras, a city said to have been founded by Lord Shiva. The monks gathering on the banks for a ritual personify his being. The mystic background of the Ganges is the soul of the atmosphere, which seems to provide a motherly solace amidst what seems to be an impending storm. The sombre choice of the colors used by Amit Bhar narrates an unfavourable weather condition, yet creates distinguished shadow strokes to amplify the emotions of the scene. There is a mist and it appears as if this ritual cannot be put off for a different time. The unwavering tenacity of the monk sitting under the umbrella echoes the same. The temple overlooking the Ganges is a spiritual pillar for them and for nature as well. The painting is a transcendence of fervor of faith into affirmation of the faithfulness of the disciples.

A graduate from Calcutta Govt. Art College, Amit Bhar, from Hooghly, Chinsurah, was born on 30 May 1973. He describes himself as a new semi-realistic artist, with a technique of texturing with the realistic play of light and shade. His first love has been art since childhood, which became his primary passion. The scintillating, pristine, rustic beauty of rural Bengal inspired him at a tender age. His oeuvre is a mélange of ancient Indian art with the modern world which captures the rich culture of India. One is bound to delve into the illusion and reality, and oscillate between waking and dreaming, while gazing into his works. One of his group shows was held in The Gallery, Cork Street, London, July 2007.


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