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A large part of our childood is made of stories, as are out personalities. They have the power to change the world and with that very essence, Jeff Hong creates his art. Jeff Hong is an animation and storyboard artist who works in Disney Studios. Based out of Los Angeles, Hong developed a series called ‘Unhappily Ever After’ which creates an extremely interesting juxtapositison of a realistic background with a Disney Characters.

These Disney Characters are marked with a sense of nostalgia for the millennial generation and forces the viewer to confront the reality of the envioronmental decline. Issues such as cllimate change, ocean pollution, racism etc are highlighted in his works and put into emphasis by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To reach a broad audience, he uses the most recognizable characters. These images then break the narrative that we are so familiar with.

Image 1: Mowgli from ‘the Jungle Book’ in the ‘Unhappily Ever After Series’

Image 2: Mulan in the ‘Unhappily Ever After Series’

Image 3: Elsa in the ‘Unhappily Ever After Series’

All image credits due to disney unhappily ever after and Jeff Hong