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ARTIST Manveer aka Plasticvalla
TITLE Banjar
SIZE 5.5 x 4.2 x 1.1 ft
MEDIUM Collected plastic, papier mache, clay
YEAR 2021

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Estimated shipping duration is 8-10 days within India.


The title suggests an imaginary infertile land which can be the probable effect of our waste mismanagement & over-usage of plastic, where the layers of the earth are suffocated with human-produced plastic. Underneath the cracked surface of the earth, the work focuses on the underlying layers of the earth which are getting affected day by day. The artist created a visual and sensory experience in this work that directs the audience to reflect on fatalistic behavior. The artist hopes that the visual and sensory experience in the work compels the viewers to be active in their daily lives toward a plastic-free world. 


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