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Pure materiality

ARTIST Anju Kaushik
TITLE Pure Materiality
SIZE 18 X 15 X 3.5 inches
MEDIUM Wire Mesh, Wire, Nails, Concrete, Coral & Metal
YEAR 2022

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Pure materiality is a sculpture created with an amalgamation of materials, it appears to be a rock waiting to be mined, a precious stone hiding behind multiple layers. Kaushik’s process is one of transformation. She collects waste materials, in this case, wire mesh, wire, nails, concrete, coral & metal to construct a refined three-dimensional work of art. She fully embraces the process of metamorphosis when she revamps a piece of pedestalized concrete with paint, nails, and wire, sets it on a concrete bracket to forge new connections between the dissimilar waste materials that surround us, and invites the viewer to interact with the object. By giving these elements a second life, she comments on the importance of recycling and refurbishing in our consumerist ‘use and throw’ lifestyle. Her artworks of raw urban beauty embody the change we should incorporate in our lives. 


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