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The Jallikattu Celebration

ARTIST Avinash Karn
TITLE The Jallikattu Celebration
SIZE 22 x 30 inches
MEDIUM Acrylic on paper
YEAR 2019
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Avinash Karn, born in a family of Madhubani painters, showcases a strong hold over the folk form, and continuously challenges his subject matter, and investigates newer territories. In this work, he has depicted the cultural diversity of the country where nature, animals, and humans dwell together in harmony.

Jallikattu is a traditional sport of Tamil Nadu which involves bulls and humans. Without hurting the bull at the least, the sport is to grab the hump and the horns of the animal until it stops. This detailed, playful composition of pristine linework and thoughtful spaces creates momentum of the game, where the participants and the bull are in a competitive movement, depicted royally with the brilliance over the Madhubani form. Such themes are rare in traditional Madhubani works where one has showcased contemporary time and responses in a formal manner that celebrates traditional indigenous art. Both the form and the subject of the work celebrate the diverse, inclusive culture of India.