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Untitled, 2014

Acrylic on canvas
Signed: left slight above bottom of the painting

She floats like a feather as her movements averred
Gesturing gracefully with sharpness of the sword,
She wanders in the cosmos and exhales
Inhaling her moves through which she sails,
Walking on the constellation she gestured anjali
Her movements express internal details
She carried her prayers and devotion to thee O lord,
Dancing in the rhythm of long lost tales.

The painting exemplifies abstract nuances akin to music as well as prominent poetic rhythms. Sanjay Ashtaputre ’s Indian context and his use of color palette of plenty luminescent hues recite the same. The character of a dignified Kuchipudi dancer is covering its rhythmic movements and the expression of the face tells the calmness of her journey. The symbol of Nataraja behind the dancer’s face shows the presence of the lord in her thoughts. The style of background and division of face in this painting remind us of Fauvism era’s Matisse’s (Green Stripe in 1905) canvas imbibing single character with hazy background. His most paintings are untitled as he wants the viewer to interpret the artwork and 80% of the perception of viewers is similar to one another and satisfactory.

Sanjay Ashtaputre was born on 1st May, 1957 and is a graduate of J. J. School of Art. His indispensable part of his being – an artist, sitar player and a poet creates his rhythmic use of color and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. This inseparable three art forms has managed to parcel his organically imbibing philosophical strength in his diverse artworks. For him the space of canvas is the means to express his life journey through visual impression. His paintings divide the space in simplified and creatively distorted silhouettes; with great interest of art from the west, he creates an amalgamation of abstract and his journey into a powerful versatile creation. Emerging out from freelance Illustrator and designer to becoming full time painter, he found his salvation.

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