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A graduate of Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, artist Milind Shid has very beautifully portrayed the idea of metaphysics through his painting. The non-objective painting hides deep philosophy under its layers and give us a glimpse into his idea of faith and God.

If we study the origins of religion and faith, we would see the idea of God was abstract. It was nothing more than a philosophy or a belief which was pure and non-discriminative, but as time passed, faith was modified with human acts and deeds. Every cell was divided into religion, caste, culture, creed, and so was God. A single thought was given form, symbolized and claimed by every religion for its own. Today, in this highly progressive world, God is something more than a notion. Is it a pure belief of thoughts and ideologies or a beautified and decorated piece of stone? Does the essence of purity exist, or has it been replaced by fear?

Milind Shid is making an effort to revive the pure essence and aesthetic of the word “God”. His abstract painting is a representation of today’s God. A saffron tilak (considered holy by the Hindus) applied to a dark lifeless stone transforms it into God. The phenomenon is replicated in all religions with their respective practices and Gods. It is something we have developed to satisfy our existence and not his. It is time we question our attitude and perspective. This expressionist painting which has a lot to narrate has given rise to a question towards the same.

The bold use of colours is a representation of his determined thoughts. Abstraction is a depiction of similar, and the contrast colours of a palette is a reflection of the contrast thought process which has evolved over the centuries. The natural and authentic application of the colours connects the viewer to the purity of the thought which one has buried deep beneath.

Milind Shid has taken an initiative to shower some light on the ignored and faded ideologies through his paintings. It’s time we acknowledge the effort and react to the same.

– Tanvi Pujari

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