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700 GSM Board Oil Colour on Plywood

Yuvan Bothysathuvar trained himself under the famous J P Krishna to paint 50-feet portrait billboards of Tamil actors and Politicians. After receiving his MFA in Visual Communication from Madras University, he went on to have several group and solo shows. He studied the people of Dubai, France, and Netherlands, which brought him to his current methodology of work and expression. The multiplicity of planes that stack up memories and selective of those memories to suit the current context and personalities that one is dealing with at the current moment, decide the urge in Yuvan to ‘build’ his work. He is equally adept at painting, photography, sculpture and installation art.

I rose from a thought
I rose with a gesture
I rose with a hope for the future
I was like a seed planted deep
That grew each day
From little to more
Sprouted from within
I could now see the world in its beauty
I was watered well, nourished enough
To grow into what made me be
A plant and in no time, a tree
I felt beautiful
I didn’t happen by mistake
I didn’t happen in a blink
I wasn’t unplanned
I wasn’t unknown
I was a choice
I was the ‘road-taken’
I was the ‘decision made’
I was the ‘consequences changed’
I was carefully carved into what I now am
Layer by layer
From little to more
With effort and hard work
With thoughts, words and gestures
I was sculpted
I was crafted
I wasn’t a mistake
I wasn’t a ‘quick-wake’
I was a dream
They called me ‘Love’
– Love

The artist’s expression of ‘Love’ in the painting is distinctive in the modern abstract style. The use of material and colors are simple yet very contrary in subject to the emotion unlike the usual. It depicts not only the emotion but also the intensity of the feeling. The common delusion of how the emotion is seen, is ruled out. It makes the viewers ponder upon the ‘other-side’ of things, the other side of the emotion. It attributes not only to the beauty of the emotion but also the pain, effort and hard work. It also creates an illusion with a single point of emergence. The art is unique by itself as the colors are subtle and the layers on the plywood are precise to the context. This is, without doubt, an astounding work of art among the abstract collection of the artist’s work.

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