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TITLE Nataraja
MEDIUM Ceramic
SIZE 3(h) x 3(w) x 2(d) inches
YEAR 2023

General Shipping Information :
Estimated shipping duration is 8-10 days within India.


The artist, trained in fine arts with a specialization in sculpture, has delved into an interesting territory in this ‘Shankh-Man’ series where she contemporized the visual language of a traditional marker Conch shell. The artist has explored the visual and emotional quality of the object ‘Shankh’ or the conch-shell as it is heavily used in the daily life and rituals of Hindu and Indian tradition. The sound and the vibration exuding while playing a conch shell are regarded as holy on the occasion of new beginnings and worship. 

The artist has taken the form of a conch shell and molded it into various expressions of human behaviors in rest and movement. The Shankh-Man or the Shankh-human resides in a playful and natural human activity.

While exploring the boundless visual qualities of the object ‘Shankh’ or the Conch Shell, the artist has explored the mythical dancing form of Shiva- ‘Nataraja’ in this work. Here, the conch stands as the body of the creator of dance, a dynamic multi-limbed object signifying creative energy and positive movement. With its polished white color on the figure, the playful yellow Damru, and a shiny blue head, the work presents a tranquil color palette, adding to the light of the space. The work merges the creative energy of the Nataraja with the holy spiritual value of the Shankh.

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