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The Reader


TITLE The Reader
MEDIUM Ceramic
SIZE 3.5(h) x 2.5(w) x 2(d) inches
YEAR 2023

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Estimated shipping duration is 8-10 days within India.


The artist, trained in fine arts with a specialization in sculpture, has delved into an interesting territory in this ‘Shankh-Man’ series where she contemporized the visual language of a traditional marker Conch shell. The artist has explored the visual and emotional quality of the object ‘Shankh’ or the conch-shell as it is heavily used in the daily life and rituals of Hindu and Indian tradition. The sound and the vibration exuding while playing a conch shell are regarded as holy on the occasion of new beginnings and worship. 

The artist has taken the form of a conch shell and molded it into various expressions of human behaviors in rest and movement. The Shankh-Man or the Shankh-human resides in a playful and natural human activity.

In an experimental playful manner, the artist has molded the dynamic human form while building on the form of the conch shell. The figures came alive in a spontaneous movement in the artist’s process of exploring the possibilities of the form of ‘Shankh’. Without having a defined plan, the work is established in a nature of flow and subconscious and achieves an individual language of figurative works. The Reader, engrossed in the book, spends time traveling to other worlds and creating different worlds of their own. The small sculpture upholds the importance of reading in this fast, digital age and as time passes, alluded to in the form of the conch shell, the human figure provides an enormous evolving wonder to the viewer. 

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