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Untitled 44

ARTIST Rajendra Amodrao Patil
TITLE Untitled 44
SIZE 54 x 34 inches
MEDIUM Indian Ink on handmade paper
YEAR 2021

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Based on the cool, oceanic shade of turquoise blue, the forms and shapes weave an intricate story in the narrative of pure abstraction. The ax heads, spears, and stone tools merge the archeological quest with pure abstract forms, where the artist involves time and evolution and engages the viewers in a discussion sprouted from personal history, and cultural observations. The musical explosion in the work subtly balances the scheme of floating tools, enigmatically placed on the surreal hue. Experimenting with light and shadow, form and the formless, and based on the material observations from reality and history, the work initiates a spiritual, ever-evolving place in the human journey. 


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