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Where is the Crow and the Pebbles?

ARTIST Nishchay Thakur
TITLE Where is the Crow and the Pebbles?
SIZE 36 x 36 inches
MEDIUM Mud, Cow dung, Paddy husk, Paddy straw, Terracotta pot, Earth colors
YEAR 2023

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The artist’s work is based on the identity and elemental values of land and agricultural society which is going through a rapidly changing nature in the country.This is a work where the ancient folktale of the thirsty crow is translated and contemporized with a practical take on landscape transformation, climate crisis, and scarcity of natural elements like groundwater. With this conceptual, minimal visual, the artist portrays the present situation of crisis in regard to land and its agricultural future.


The argument posed by the work is based on the heavy usage of chemicals and fertilizers on the land to satisfy the industrial demand, which is gradually causing infertility and degradation of the land. The land in the work is carefully textured with painstaking details, depicting the effect of numerous man-made products and industrial pollution where there’s no water for the crow, and no pebbles in the barren, infertile land to help the thirsty bird. The bird is invisible and the pot is empty, the cracked land looks up to us with a hint of dry blades of grass.   

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